We Are Not Alone In the Universe

Documentary film by Kristina Norman,

duration 15 min

Camera Kullar Viimne, sound Kristina Norman, editing Meelis Muhu, Erik Norkroos, music and sound effects Raul Keller


Still from the video


Still from the video


Still from the video

It’s a dark evening, November 1996. An unknown flying object appears in a farmyard in the North-Eastern Estonia. The first witness of this stunning event is the hostess of the farm who is forced to look out of her kitchen window because of a weird sound she heard coming from the outside. She sees a fir-tree-shaped UFO that consists of hundreds of lightshafts, landing 50 m away from her house. Two nearest neighbors whom the astonished woman calls are also lucky to see the unprecedented sideshow. The next day a group of specialists in ufology comes to the location to tape-record the evidences of the eye-witnesses.


In autumn 2007 Mati Jakson, son of the farm hostess, decides to erect a monument in the family farmyard in order to commemorate the most remarkable occasion ever taken place in the neighborhood, of which his deceased mother was blessed to be a witness. In late April 2008 theopening of the monument takes place. It’s a limestone chunk slightly treated by hand, placed on a cement board. It has a golden writing on it – “UFO”, a schematic image of a flying saucer, and a date of 27. 11. 1996 engraved underneath. That is when Mati Jakson’s mother saw the strange object.


Among the people gathered for the solemn unveiling ceremony are representatives of different media channels – cameramen, photographers, journalists, but also a famous Estonian ufologist. And some people from the neighborhood who are happy that a landmark is erected in their home area – it will put them on the map. The high spot of the event is a banging of a light rocket into the sunny vernal skyes. The message of this symbolic ritual is addressed to the entire humankind and beyond:


“We are not alone in the Universe”.