PMR. In the State of Limbo

Feature documentary co-directed with Meelis Muhu

80 min, 2014


Directors: Meelis Muhu, Kristina Norman

Camera: Meelis Muhu

Editors: Meelis Muhu, Julia Tomberg

Sound: Kristina Norman

Soundmix: Markku Tiidumaa (Orbital Vox)

Color correction: Max Golomidov

Producer: Meelis Muhu

Produced by: In-Ruum

Still from film

Still from film

Still from film

There is an unrecognized state in the middle of Europe called Transnistria. For 21 years, the irreplaceable president Igor Smirnov has waved back from the tribunes of the capital of this self-appointed state. Under his charismatic leadership, the construction of a sovereign state on the ruins of the Soviet Union has run aground. Internationally Transnistria hasn’t been recognized yet and the wishful dream relies completely on alms from Russia. The presidential elections are coming and the oppositional candidates appear on the half-finished construction site to each present a plan how to build a proper house out of a leaning wreckage. The fight for leadership of this invisible country quickly becomes an emotional one.