Mocumentary, 15′

Rühm Pluss Null, 2007


Author: Kristina Norman

Camera: Erik Norkroos, Kristina Norman, Kullar Viimne, Urmas E.Liiv, Raul Keller

Animation: Urmas Jõemees, Kristina Norman, Timo Karindi, Riho Unt, Margus Lõvi

Editing: Erik Norkroos

Sound: Raul Keller

Soundmix: Danek Kaunissaare, Michael Schmidt, Orbital Vox Stuudiod


A bronze Monolith arrives from space in Estonia. The small country’s inhabitants are forced to take sides about the alien object. The result is a conflicted situation from which the people cannot emerge sanely. All events are amplified in different media channels.