Kristina Norman (b. 1979) is an Estonian artist and documentary filmmaker based in Tallinn. In her work she often explores the issues of collective memory. Norman has dedicated several years of her life investigating monument cases in Estonia. Videos and mixed media installations Monolith (2007), Community (2008), and After-War (2009) are dealing with the issues of cultural memory, collective identity and belonging that surround the Bronze Soldier monument in Tallinn. A feature length documentary A Monument to Please Everyone (2011) gives an insight into the construction of the Estonian national identity through the process of building the main national monument of Estonia – the Victory Column of the War of Independence 1918-1920. A short documentary We Are Not Alone In the Universe serves as a comment to the monumania that has paralized the common sense of the Estonian society since the country has regained its independence in 1991.


In her recent artworks 0.8 Square Metres (2012) and Common Ground (2013) Kristina Norman touches upon the issues of political imprisonment, migration and displacement.


Norman holds an MA in visual arts from the Estonian Academy of Arts. She is currently a PhD student and a lecturer at the same institution.